As a mother, daughter, friend, and especially in my role at Yabonga, I believe in, and live by the notion that when one uplifts a woman, one uplifts a family. We have to do this for our children.

Ulpha Robertson

HIV / AIDS Education

Yabonga retains strong links with local community clinics where we offer presentations on living with HIV, and the prevention of HIV. We visit local schools where we do talks during Life Orientation classes to Grade 6 & 7’s where sexual activity has often already been initiated. Sexual reproduction and sexually transmitted diseases are regular topics. This often leads to sensitive topics including sexual abuse and rape. 


Girls / Boys Mentorship

Gender based violence and the resulting scourge left behind in our households, and in the lives of our children, prompted us to start exclusive programmes for Boys and Girls aged 13 to 16, offering mentorship on topics such as substance abuse; prevention of HIV, STI’s and teenage pregnancy; coping with peer pressure; gender roles; cultural norms; and dealing with grief and loss. 


Gap students

The GAP Programme was started when our first matriculants did not qualify for tertiary studies. In 2011 the ‘bridging year’ was established with three focus areas: academic support to prepare for tertiary studies; leadership and skills development; work experience. 

The GAP students are actively involved in different areas of work within Yabonga. They are taught administrative skills in the office, event planning and holiday workshops, and homework assistance in the children’s programme. 

While doing this, they research possible career paths and receive assistance in applying for bursaries, and registration at tertiary institutions. 


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