Ursel Barnes

Co-Founder / Director

Yabonga uplifts, empowers and rebuilds where families have broken down due to HIV and AIDS. Education and a safe environment create the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty and disease. Yabonga enables youth to make better choices.
-Ursel Barnes

Ulpha Robertson

Co-Founder / Director

As a founding member Ulpha has led Yabonga since inception. Her training as a teacher, and experience in working in some of the poorest communities gives her insight into how much needs to be done to improve the plight of our children.

‘As a mother, daughter, friend, and especially in my role at Yabonga, I believe in, and live by the notion that when one uplifts a woman, one uplifts a family. We have to do this for our children.’
-Ulpha Robertson

Dr Antje Berlin


A business and life coach, I support Yabonga as a non-executive director with strategy, donor relations and staff wellness.

“Children have a right to dream, no matter who they are, and where they are from. We make this possible.”
-Antje Berlin

Sharmil Isaacs


I oversee Yabonga’s finance operations as finance director. I’m inspired by our community mother programme. Ordinary disadvantaged mothers open their homes to care and feed our children.

“I believe in equal opportunities to release the talent in all children.”
-Sharmil Isaacs

Nontembeko Ndevu


Martine Katts

General Manager

Martine spent 4 years in administration and fundraising at Yabonga, before stepping into the role of Operations Manager. After another 4 years of streamlining the operations between head office and more than 50 satellite stations in 8 areas, Martine took on the position of General Manager.

“Working at Yabonga has been an eye-opening experience. Our beneficiaries’ lives are forever challenging and yet they adapt and remain resilient. Every day I am inspired to be more versatile and forward thinking.”
-Martine Katts

Pinky Noguga

Programmes Manager

Pinky joined our team in 2021 after spending several years building community structures through various CBO’s, NGO’s and the private sector. Pinky oversees all the fieldwork in 8 areas.

“I love working at Yabonga because we create a safe positive space for our beneficiaries to realise their potential.”
-Pinky Noguga

Phindeka Mini

Centre Manager

Phindeka joined Yabonga as the Children’s Centre manager. Her vast experience includes supervising a care centre for children with special needs, and having been a matron of a college residence.

“The Children’s Centre is a place of hope and assistance. I am so happy to be playing a part in empowering this community.”
-Phindeka Mini

Manqoba Mdamba

Social Worker

Manqoba is a graduate from the University of Cape Town. Yabonga being his first social work position, we appreciate his energy and fresh positive approach to our programmes.

``Working at Yabonga gives me a daily opportunity to be part of the change I want to see in our communities``.
-Manqoba Mdamba

Chad Daniels

Senior Bookkeeper

Chad joined our team in 2019 with experience in supporting specialists in the non-profit sector. Chad now oversees the daily operation of the finance department, reminding us of the budgetary constraints.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work``.
-Chad Daniels

Faith Xintolo

Social Worker

Faith is a graduate from the University of Cape Town. Yabonga being her first social work position, we appreciate her energy and fresh positive approach to our programmes.

``Working at Yabonga has taught me that everyone is an expert in their own lives. This has led me to empower people by giving them a sense of control over their life choices``.
-Faith Xintolo

. Empowering families infected & affected by HIV/AIDS .