Community Mothers

I’m inspired by our Community Mother Programme. Ordinary disadvantaged mothers open their homes to care and feed our children. Equal opportunities to release the talent in our kids.

Sharmil Isaacs

Community Mothers

Women from the community are recruited to host the children’s programme in their homes. They live in close proximity to the Yabonga support centres, and many were clients of the support groups.  

The women receive training in child care, nutrition and life skills. The course introduces them to the structure of the children’s programme, and includes play, education, homework assistance and therapy activities. 

The community mothers have become significant adults to the children and a relationship of love and trust is formed.  The homes serve as safe havens to the children, even outside of programme hours.


HIV / AIDS Education

Yabonga retains strong links with local community clinics where we offer presentations on living with HIV, and the prevention of HIV.


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